This is UK
  • 15 x 15 x 15


    The 15 by 15 by 15 Plan is a department-wide mandate to win at least 15 conference, tournament or national championships and rank among the NCAA’s top 15 athletics programs by 2015. Since the plan was unveiled in 2008, UK has won 10 championships and ranks just outside the top 15 in the Directors' Cup standings.

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    15 x 15 x 15
  • AD Mitch Barnhart


    Mitch Barnhart, now in his 11th year at UK, has gone to great lengths to totally support all 22 varsity sports with the maximum number of scholarships and coaches, along with the facilities, equipment and support staff needed to make those teams successful.

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    AD Mitch Barnhart
  • CATSPY Awards


    The CATSPY Awards were introduced at UK in 2003 to celebrate and honor the academic, athletic and community excellence achieved by all UK student-athletes. It was inspired by the well-known ESPY Awards and has become the annual highlight and grand finale of each academic and athletic year.

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    CATSPY Awards
  • In the Spotlight


    Student-athletes at UK receive unprecedented national exposure thanks to a historic 15-year deal between ESPN and the Southeastern Conference. The financial benefits the school receives annually from the deal provide student-athletes with the country’s top resources to win championships.

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    In the Spotlight
  • Nike Partnership


    All 22 sports at UK use Nike shoes and equipment, outfitting UK’s student-athletes with one of the world’s most popular trademarks, the swoosh. Thanks to Nike’s extensive research and product development, UK student-athletes stay on the cutting edge of quality and style with all of their gear.

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  • Southeastern Conference


    UK prides itself on being second to none, and the conference is certainly no exception. The 14-team league is largely regarded as the most talent-rich conference in college sports, as is evidenced by the league’s current run in football where Southeastern Conference teams have won the last six national championships.

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    The Southeastern Conference
  • Tradition


    From the 19-time national championship cheerleading squad to the largest pep band in the country, UK’s student-athletes are supported with unparalleled pageantry and tradition. The Wildcats, the official nickname for UK, are widely regarded as having one of the most loyal and passionate fan bases in the nation.

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UK Athletics strives for excellence. Our vision is to educate our student-athletes through graduation and compete for championships in all sports within a framework of fiscal responsibility, with a commitment to diversity in all areas, and to be compliant with university, state, Southeastern Conference, and NCAA rules and regulations.