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2014-15 UK Rifle Team

Competition Day at UK

Innovative, Informative, and Unmatched

In 2009-10 the Kentucky rifle team set out to create the best in-match coverage in collegiate rifle. With visions from head coach Harry Mullins and web developer Pete Camagna, the UK rifle program created an unprecedented amount of collegiate rifle coverage, keeping fans, family and friends as in-touch with the match as they would be in person.

From live Twitter, Facebook and TextCaster updates, to the incredibly detailed and interactive live blog throughout the events, to a live feed of the targets in UK's Barker Hall, Kentucky rifle's coverage is innovative, informative and unmatched.

Kentucky vs. Morehead State




Lane 1 Mug Lane 1 Target
Lane 2 Mug Lane 2 Target
Lane 3 Mug Lane 3 Target
Lane 4 Mug Lane 4 Target
Lane 5 Mug Lane 5 Target
Lane 6 Mug Lane 6 Target
Lane 7 Mug Lane 7 Target
Lane 8 Mug Lane 8 Target
Lane 9 Mug Lane 9 Target
Lane 10 Mug Lane 10 Target
Lane 11 Mug Lane 11 Target
Lane 12 Mug Lane 12 Target
Lane 13 Mug Lane 13 Target