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“Jim (Madaleno) is very up-front with you. He does an excellent job in getting you ready to play.
Jim's been with the world champion Giants in the NFL, so he knows what he's talking about.”

Dennis Johnson, former Wildcat and NFL defensive end  

UK’S ATHLETIC TRAINING STAFF plays a key role in the Wildcats' ability to perform at a top physical level on the field.

The Kentucky football medical team is led by veteran athletic trainer Jim Madaleno, whose history includes time in the NFL with the New York Giants. Madaleno and senior athletic trainer Gabe Amponsah work with six team doctors and a variety of consultants in order to give UK football players the finest medical care.  

The UK medical staff works in a superb facility. The Nutter Center training room covers more than 5,000 square feet and includes ample space for taping and treatment. The training room features a state-of-the-art rehabilitation area that includes numerous specialty machines and aquatic therapy systems.


Athletic Training and Medical Staffs

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  • Read Bio Jim Madaleno Jim Madaleno
    Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer
  • Read Bio Gabe Amponsah GABE AMPONSAH
    Senior Athletic Trainer
  • Read Bio Scott Black SCOTT BLACK, M.D.
    Team Physician, University Health Service
  • Read Bio Rob Hosey ROB HOSEY, M.D.
    Associate Head Team Physician
  • Read Bio James Jagger JAMES JAGGER, M.D.
    Head Team Physician
  • Read Bio Darren Johnson DARREN JOHNSON, M.D.
    Professor / Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Read Bio Christian Latterman CHRISTIAN LATTERMAN, M.D.
    Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Read Bio Scott Mair SCOTT MAIR, M.D.
    Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery