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“We have very simple things so these coaches can make fast decisions. You can have all the information in the world, but if you can't make a quick decision off of it, you're wasting your time.”

Erik Korem

WHEN IT COMES TO DEVELOPING student-athletes and preparing them to be at their best on game, UK’s coaches and High Performance staff work hand in hand.

The coaches communicate positional needs and even individual areas for improvement to help the High Performance staff craft customized workout and recovery plans. As a result, student-athletes come to the practice field in ideal physical condition.

At the same time, the staff is aware that no athlete is at his peak every day. With that in mind, the High Performance staff has developed a stop-light system for coaches’ use. If a player is designated green, he is ready for full-speed work. Yellow indicates that the player should be treated with more caution. By knowing what each Wildcat can handle, coaches know how hard to push each athlete.

The High Performance staff is involved in every aspect of practice. Coaches consult High Performance staff in building practice plans, shaping the pace and order of practices to fight both mental and physical fatigue and ensure the football expertise of Mark Stoops and his assistants is most effectively put to use.

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The New Era of High Performance

Brown Video #1

Erik Korem talks about how the high performance model may seem unconventional but really is the way to build a stronger, faster, and all around more productive athlete. For more on the high perfomance program.

High Performance Coach Erik Korem Profile

Brown Video #2

The High Performance program Erik Korem and head coach Mark Stoops have brought to Kentucky football uses sports science in the development of student-athletes in a way teams from the NFL are only now beginning to do.

Mic'd Up w/ Erik Korem

Brown Video #2

Director of High Performance Erik Korem is Mic'd up in this segment as he works with the skill position players.

Football Lineman - Winter Conditioning

Brown Video #2

Strength training and high performance conditioning for offensive and defensive lineman with Director of High Performance Erik Korem.

High Performance Staff

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    High Performance Coach

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    Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Read Bio Chris Ronald CHRIS RONALD
    Director of
    Sports Sciences
  • Read Bio Donald Horton DONALD HORTON
    Asst. Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Read Bio Rafael Horton RAFAEL HORTON
    Asst. Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Read Bio Monica Fowler MONICA FOWLER
    Registered Dietician