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“If our best player is at 50 percent, that's not what I want. I want our best players at their best. It's very hard, but there are things we can do to monitor that and get ahead of the curve.”

Erik Korem

COACHES HAVE HISTORICALLY had to rely on instincts to evaluate their athletes’ effort level and performance. By embracing the sports-science revolution, UK’s staff adds hard data to the equation.

The High Performance program applies the latest technology to monitor student-athletes as they train. UK works closely with Catapult Sports – a company on the leading edge of athlete tracking – to tailor the tools it uses every day. Players’ movements are recorded during practice to provide a clear picture of the stress being placed on the body.

UK also partners with Omegawave, employing technology that analyzes the heart, energy metabolism and the central nervous system. By doing so, Kentucky coaches need not guess whether they are pushing student-athletes too hard or not hard enough, which both improves peak performance and limits injury risk.

Using those tools and others, UK is ahead of its peers when it comes to sports science and intends to stay that way. During the offseason, High Performance staff members travel the globe, seeking out innovation and stopping at no end to identify the next way to maximize performance.

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The New Era of High Performance

Brown Video #1

Erik Korem talks about how the high performance model may seem unconventional but really is the way to build a stronger, faster, and all around more productive athlete. For more on the high perfomance program.

High Performance Coach Erik Korem Profile

Brown Video #2

The High Performance program Erik Korem and head coach Mark Stoops have brought to Kentucky football uses sports science in the development of student-athletes in a way teams from the NFL are only now beginning to do.

Mic'd Up w/ Erik Korem

Brown Video #2

Director of High Performance Erik Korem is Mic'd up in this segment as he works with the skill position players.

Football Lineman - Winter Conditioning

Brown Video #2

Strength training and high performance conditioning for offensive and defensive lineman with Director of High Performance Erik Korem.

High Performance Staff

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    High Performance Coach

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    Strength and Conditioning Coach
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    Director of
    Sports Sciences
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    Asst. Strength and Conditioning Coach
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    Asst. Strength and Conditioning Coach
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    Registered Dietician