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“My lifelong goal is to help boys turn to men and allow their parents to see a better man leaving this place than when they got here. ”

Corey Edmond

THE SEASON MAY NOT OFFICIALLY START until late August, but preparation begins in the summer through the High Performance program. The staff develops strength and conditioning programs specifically tailored to fit the needs of each student-athlete, taking into account position and even pre-existing injury. At UK, the goal isn’t simply to build strength and speed; it’s to do it in a way that will best suit the individual on game day.

Outside the weight room, development doesn’t stop. In fact, that’s where some of the most important work happens Registered Dietician Monica Fowler is part of the High Performance staff and she crafts diets that ensure student-athletes get the nutrition they need to fuel the workout and recovery process.

High Performance devotes considerable resources to the restoration process, using massage, cold tubs and hot tubs to make sure student-athletes are prepared for tomorrow and minimize injury risk. The High Performance program has already proven to reduce the occurrence soft-tissue injuries, but UK’s award-winning sports medicine staff is on call at all times to provide state-of-the-art care.

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The New Era of High Performance

Brown Video #1

Erik Korem talks about how the high performance model may seem unconventional but really is the way to build a stronger, faster, and all around more productive athlete. For more on the high perfomance program.

High Performance Coach Erik Korem Profile

Brown Video #2

The High Performance program Erik Korem and head coach Mark Stoops have brought to Kentucky football uses sports science in the development of student-athletes in a way teams from the NFL are only now beginning to do.

Mic'd Up w/ Erik Korem

Brown Video #2

Director of High Performance Erik Korem is Mic'd up in this segment as he works with the skill position players.

Football Lineman - Winter Conditioning

Brown Video #2

Strength training and high performance conditioning for offensive and defensive lineman with Director of High Performance Erik Korem.

High Performance Staff

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  • Read Bio Erik Korem ERIK KOREM
    High Performance Coach

  • Read Bio Corey Edmond COREY EDMOND
    Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Read Bio Chris Ronald CHRIS RONALD
    Director of
    Sports Sciences
  • Read Bio Donald Horton DONALD HORTON
    Asst. Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Read Bio Rafael Horton RAFAEL HORTON
    Asst. Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Read Bio Monica Fowler MONICA FOWLER
    Registered Dietician