Jan and Feb Update

It’s only two and half months into 2012 and I’ve already broken my resolution of updating this blog. So it’s time to get you caught up!

The first weekend the girls were back in school we packed up and headed to warmer climates in Tampa, Florida. UK has a great alumni group there that was willing to help us out with finding places to play and practice. But before we even got to Tampa we had some issues. We were supposed to fly out of Louisville that night, but unfortunately everything was delayed so they sent us to fly out of Cincinnati. So, after sitting in the Louisville airport for a long time waiting on our flight, we got back in our van with all of our luggage and headed to Cincinnati. Thankfully everything was on time the next morning and we got to Tampa around noon. This meant that we had lost almost a whole day of practice, but the girls stayed patient and positive and when we got to World Woods Golf Course we were all ready to play some golf!

On Sunday we spent the morning practicing at the Saddlebrook Resort after spending some time in the pro shop waiting for the frost to lift! Then in the afternoon we played a fun 18 hole tournament with that alumni group at Lexington Oaks Golf Course. We had a very successful day and we are looking forward to making this an annual trip!

We returned back to Lexington on Monday night and the girls were exhausted. They had all given me all of their energy and it had paid off – the trip to Tampa was worth every penny!

Once we were back home, the hard work continued. We had about a month before we left for our first event, so there was no time to slow down. Lucky for us, the weather here has been great this winter, so we were able to play a ton on grass and really started knocking the rust off.

The UCF Challenge was a great starting point for us. As a team, we played really well there last year, so being able to carry those emotions with us was a huge confidence booster. However, in typical tournament fashion, the weather shifted while we were there. The course had said that the weather had not been below 72 all year; we saw temperatures of 54/64 the first two rounds. That didn’t detour this Cats from wearing shorts all 3 rounds though! As a whole, we played solid. We were able to post 3 consecutive rounds under 300 and finish in 8th place. I really feel like our girls are close to playing their best and since it’s still early in the spring season, good things are right around the corner.

So now we are back home, resting, recuperating, and getting a practice plan in place to help us prepare for our next event at LSU. We struggled a bit with this course last year, but I think we have a better idea of what we need to work on to be ready for the challenge that’s ahead.

Have a great weekend everyone and GO BIG BLUE


Happy New 2012!

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone is enjoying this new year so far, I know we are! I can’t believe how fast 2011 went by and especially the holiday season. I love Christmas and I get so excited to give my presents away, and then poof! It’s over, it’s quite sad.

We had a good end to the year here at UK. We finished up our season at the Alamo Invitational and then we spent the rest of the fall working out, practicing and catching up on our classes. The team did very well this past semester in school and had a team GPA of 3.44. I couldn’t be prouder of their performance in the class room as well as on the course!!

Now we are starting up a whole new semester next week and we will start that off by flying to Tampa, FL over the MLK weekend. We are practicing  and playing at three different courses throughout the weekend and I am looking forward to having some fun competitions along the way. I will be sure to keep you posted on who wins those! During our stay we will also play with some of our UK alumni.  They aren’t women’s golf alumni, but we have a very large number of former UK students in that area so we are looking forward to playing with them one day.

Before we head to Tampa we will have our girls TPI screened. We are doing this so we can see how they have progressed throughout this past semester physically and where we need to go next. All of the girls are at different levels so they will all need a different excersise plan to reach their goals. I can’t wait to see how they have improved this past semester!

When we come home from Tampa, it’s time to get to work. We will have about a month to get ready for our first event which is hosted by Central Florida. This is where we had our highest finish as a team last year when we finished 4th and this is also where Ashleigh Albrecht tied for the win so she will be defending that title! The girls really like the golf course and I know they will be inspired to play some great golf there.

I hope that you will keep up with us throughout this semester and one of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to update this blog more frequently so I will be sure to do so!

Happy New Year everyone and as we say in Sweden – God Fortsättning!!


Thanksgiving and Off season

Despite the name, it has been a busy offseason, both on and off the course. The girls are getting caught up (and hopefully ahead) on school work and are starting to prepare for finals, while Lucy and I get things set for next semester and beyond.

During this time, we are limited in the amount of hours we can require of the team. During the season we get 20 hours with the team, now we only get 8 and only two of those can be for golf. However, we have been able to pump up the volume in the weight room and I think it is really paying off.  Because we only have them for a short time, we try our best to make it count. But sometimes, we just like to have a little fun. Last week, we had our very own Big Break: UK. We set up different skills challenges (putting, chipping, pitching, and playing) to test the girls. They had a blast with the “drills” and getting back into competition mode. At the end of the day, Liz was our Big Break champion. Hopefully, we will find time to do more of this next semester.

Thanksgiving break was a welcomed vacation. Of course, there was work involved beforehand. Lucy and I traveled to Florida to do a bit of recruiting. We enjoyed the typical Florida weather with some sunshine and some rain showers and the golf was pretty good to!  Tuesday night, we boarded a plane to different locations: Lucy to Oklahoma City and me to Lexington.  Lucy then traveled a little further north to Cameron, MO. She described as being in the middle of nowhere, in the trees, with no cell service, surrounded by family. Don’t worry; she had a blast catching up with everyone! I, on the other hand, returned to Lexington then caught a flight to State College, PA, to be with Steve and his family. You would not believe the amount of pies (14) his grandmother made! She of course had pumpkin pie, lemon meringue and something called lemon verbena. It was all so good! On Friday, we drove to Gettysburg and toured the battlefields. Steve and I are both very interested in history and we had been wanting to make the trip for a while. It was great! We went on a two hour tour and learned a great deal of new things, it was very intriguing to say the least. We ended the evening at his grandmothers house for some meatloaf, don’t you just love being home!!??

But now, we are back in Lexington, getting ready for the UNC basketball game on Saturday. It should be a pretty awesome game since our men’s basketball team is now ranked nr. 1 in the nation!! Our Christmas break is around the corner and New Year’s Eve will be here before we know it. Time flies when you’re having fun!

I hope you all have a great rest of the week and GO BIG BLUE!!


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San Antonio Wrap Up

Hi Everyone,

It’s about a week ago now that we finished the last round at the Alamo Invitational. We got off to a good start at the tournament and shot +2 as a team the first day, the second day we shot 295 and we finished up with a 298 today. We were all over the leader board during this event and we ended up finishing in 4th. We also had Liz and Ashleigh finish in T8th which was a very good performance. Liz really stepped up her game this week and it was fun to watch! Ashleigh has been solid all fall and I couldn’t be happier for her for adding another top 10 to her college career.

One of the nights we had parent night and we went to a local Mexican restaurant. The food was great and we had some really good laughs at the end of the night. During this whole trip we have been trying to find frozen yogurt since the team craves it all the time. However, apparently San Antonio hasn’t jumped on that band wagon yet because we couldn’t find a good place at all. We actually ended up eating custard one night which was great because Ashleigh had never had it before! It also didn’t help that our UK gps was failing us this trip. It kept acting really weird and I think I took a few wrong turns because of it. Through it we found out how big this city was though and thank goodness I only live in a town like Lexington!

Overall I am proud of my team for their performance this week and this entire fall. We achieved all of our goals and then some. It’s amazing to me what happens when you work hard, play with heart and truly believe and see what is possible. We have come such a long way in this year and a half and I can’t wait to see what the next semester and the coming years will bring.

Now it’s time for off season and I think the girls are ready for it; I think we all are! It’s been a long semester and now they can really catch up on some much needed school work. We will also focus a lot more on our weight training which might inlcude some yoga and some spinning classes! 

I’ll write soon and give you guys an update on how it’s going!



Lots of Updates from KWG

Hi Everyone,

Well a lot of things have been happening since I last updated this blog. I meant to update this last week, but time has a tendency to disappear on me. Last time I wrote this blog we were in Knoxville, TN at the SEC/Pac 12 Challenge. We struggled at that event and finished in 20th. We played better each day and I think we finished the event on good note. We shot 298 the last day and it was great to see the girls step up and play some good golf that day. Ashleigh Albrecht had a great event and finished T7th in a very strong field. I am very proud of her, both for her composure during the week and of her game. She put herself in contention to win the tournament and once the putts start dropping on that last day she will be unstoppable out there!

In the picture above – Ashlee Rose and myself during the very cold practice round in Knoxville. At this point in time we were all laughing at Ashlee and the hole that she found in her pants.

Oh, and we also met Rosie Jones at the tournament. She was being honored at the event so we made sure to take a picture and to introduce ourselves to her. She shared some thoughts about golf and about the Solheim Cup since she was the most recent captain. It was really interesting and I truly hope that the girls learned something from what she had to say. During the Friday of the tournament we supported breast cancer awareness with our pink UK hats. All we saw was pink around the golf course as all the teams were wearing pink, it was very pretty :)

We got back to work that following Tuesday and worked hard. We only had four days until we travelled to San Antonio so we had some intense practices. Unfortunately we had some rain and thunderstorms move in so we weren’t able to play any before we left. But I think we prepared ourselves well for this upcoming event that starts tomorrow. During the week Lucy thought it would be a good idea to get mini pumpkins and have the team carve them. A couple of the girls have never carved a pumpkin and I have only done it once in my life so we figured why not!? So, we went and got these super cute pumpkins for us all to carve and then we had a carving party last Thursday before we left. The girls all loved it and carved all kinds of things. Here  are some pictures of how they turned out:

On Friday it was time to hit the road and get on a plane to San Antonio, TX. This is our last tournament of the fall and it’s hard to believe that we are already here. We actually had a smooth trip and got in on time. We are staying right downtown in San Antonio and this morning we went to the Alamo before heading out the course for the practice round. We got to just walk around the Alamo and we met two very nice Air Force cadets that had just graduated from bootcamp. They were very friendly and kind enough to take our picture! During our stay here we are playing at Briggs Ranch Golf Club and this place is beautiful! And let me tell you, UTSA sure knows how to host an event because I have never seen my team so excited about their tournament gifts as they were today :)

For the first round we play with Baylor and Texas Tech so that should be fun. We tee off around noon so keep an eye on us on www.golfstat.com.

I hope you will follow us during the next few days and send us lots of positive thoughts!



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SEC/PAC 12 Challenge Week

Hi everyone,

This week we are in Knoxville, TN for the SEC/PAC 12 Challenge. We are really excited to be here and today was our first round. We had our practice round yesterday and it was tough. We had 30 mph wind and it was maybe 50 degrees for a high. Some teams didn’t even play all 18, they just chipped and putted for the back nine. We played all 18 and had a good practice round. Some of the girls were struggling so we practiced some after as we always do.

We felt ready this morning and the girls were itching to play. Playing with us was Oregon, ASU and Auburn. We had a good group and we had fun. However, we struggled as a team today and shot 312. The truth is, we came out and played tense golf today, we struggled to commit to our shots and we played with fear. It’s tough to play your best that way, but we had a good talk after the round and I strongly believe we will do better tomorrow. We need to focus on our game and ourselves instead of everyone else.

As a side note, Ashleigh played really well and she shot -2 which puts her in a tie for fourth place. I am really proud of her and of her performance today. She has been sick leading up to this, but she stayed tough today and played with confidedence! I am excited to see what the rest of this weekend has in store for her.

Another exciting thing was that we got to meet and take a picture with Rosie Jones, the Solheim Cup captain. She was being honored at the banquet tonight and she said some really good things in her speech…hopefully all these players listened to what she had to say! It was pretty neat, however, I think my assistant Lucy was the most excited about meeting her this evening :)

I hope you will all send us positive thoughts tomorrow and keep you fingers crossed for us!



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Preparation Week

Hi Everyone,

Last week and this week is preparation week for our upcoming tournament in Knoxville, TN. We are going to play in the SEC/Pac 12 Challenge. Stanford hosted this event last year and now it’s Tennessee’s turn. We are excited about this tournament and it will be our toughest one in the fall. The SEC and the Pac 12 are the two most competative conferences in college women’s golf so this event will be fun to follow!

After the Bettie Lou Evans tournament we gave the team a couple days off because we felt like we all needed to recharge our batteries after such an exciting weekend. Once we got back to practice we had theme days, such as putting, chipping and then wedge game. Then after that we had a day of competition and the goal was to accumulate points from all the excersises.

Last Sunday we spent a few hours with some middle school kids from a local school. We did a short clinic first and showed them some shots and talked about golf in general. After that we played a nine hole scramble and I believe Ashleigh Albrecht’s team won. The day ended with some delicious cookie cake!

Sometimes as players we don’t quite realize that we are rolemodels so this was a great experince for the team to be around kids and for them to see how much they are looked up to.

We also found out some great news this morning, we are now 18th in the Golfstat rankings! We haven’t been a Top 20 team in the nation in a long time so this is a great start to the year! Now we just have to keep our heads down and continue to work hard!




Dear Wildcat Fans…

We WON our home event and Ashleigh WON the individual title! It was such an amazing week and I couldn’t be a prouder coach right now of my team. They have worked so hard in the last few weeks and I think we were well prepared for this tournament. I find that it’s always easy to take your own course for granted when it comes to your home event so we worked extra hard on the course so that the girls would feel even more comfortable out there.

We set the pins with the girls a while back and we have used them during qualifying and everything so that the girls would know what was coming. I really wanted them to take ownership of the tournament and be proud of our event and I think all of that helped.

This win this weekend was no gimmie and we had to work hard for three days to earn it. UCF had the lead the first two days and I think it was a good thing that we had to come from behind the last day. This was a great experience for us to be in contention and to come out on top. This was a team effort win and it all came down to the back nine. We pulled off some amazing shots that included a chip in from Ashlee on her 18th hole and a drained 30 footer on Heather’s last hole as well. Those are some clutch performances that we will always treasure and remember!

Ashleigh’s performance was very strong this week and I am impressed with the poise that she showed coming down the stretch. She knew that she was tied going into nr 16 and that she had to make something happen. She didn’t get ahead of herself and she ended up winning the title by one shot. Ashleigh has a very bright future and if she continues to work hard their will be no limits as to high far she will go!

Ashlee and Betsie also finished in the top 10 this week and they also did something extra ordinary, those are some of their best finishes ever in their collegiate careers and what a feeling to be able to do that on your home course in front of your family and friends. Our home golf course is tough and their last round scores were clutch in order for us to win the team title! It is so great to see their games come together and to see them believing in themselves and their teammates!

I am excited about the rest of the fall and this will help our confidence a great deal. We will enjoy this win and keep working hard for the tournaments to come. Next we head to the SEC/PAC 12 Championship in Knoxville, TN . This will be our toughest test this fall but we have played the golf course before and I think the girls will be very comfortable going back to Tennessee.

Here are a couple pictures from our tournament –

To see more pictures, please click here: http://www.ukathletics.com/view.gal?id=102693

Thanks for keeping up with us!!



2011 Bettie Lou Evans Fall Inv.

Hi Wildcat fans,

Just wanted to give you all an update on how we are doing in our home event this weekend. We played our first round yesterday and shot 312 and we’re one back of UCF. One of the highlights of the day was when Ashleigh holed out her third shot on the par 5, 16th for eagle from 105 yards!

All in all it was a really tough day due to cold weather and sustained winds of 30mph. It’s usually pretty windy out at big blue, but yesterday was worse than normal. The scores were high overall and we were only one back of UCF coming into today.

Today was even colder than yesterday due to a cold front that we have coming through. We talked a lot about attitude before we teed off because who ever can handle this weather the best will have an advantage so it is very important. This is a very tough golf course so you really have to grind all day and finish strong.

We shot 309 today so we improved some. Ashleigh shot 73 which puts her in 2nd and Ashlee shot 75 and that puts her at 4th right now. Those were both great scores today and with a good round tomorrow they will both have a chance to win this tournament individually.

Last night was parent night so all the girls went with their families since most parents came to watch. Usually we have the parents come with us but since it’s the home event we decided this was better and it would give the girls more time with their parents. This evening we went out to eat and we had some good Italian for dinner.

Tomorrow we have a shotgun start at 9am and we are pumped! We are five back and are in contention to win this tournament. We need to focus on ourselves tomorrow and go to work. This is the fun part about college tournament – being in the hunt and having a chance to win!

Please cross your fingers for us tomorrow or hold your thumbs if you are in Sweden :)



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2011 Women’s Golf Reunion

Hi Everyone,

We have had an eventful last couple of weeks here in Lexington after we got home from Texas. The girls got to catch their breath after we got home with their usual day off and then we got right back to work a couple of days later. The weekend came very quickly which was exciting because we had a home football game vs. Louisville. There was a lot of hype before this game as Louisville is our biggest rival and this was a must win for our team. The game turned out to be really good, but unfortunately they got the best of us in the end and won. It was a tough loss for us, but we’ll be back next year!!

During last week we had our three rounds of qualifying and since Ashlee Rose and Ashleigh Albrecht finished top 10 last week they were exempt and did not have to qualify. We played for two spots and then I decided to have a coaches pick for the fifth spot on our team. It really came down to the wire with the girls but in the end it was Heather Lott who stepped up and won and Betsie Johnson got the second spot by one shot ahead of Megan Moir. We are excited for our home tournament this weekend and it should be a fun event!

This past weekend we had our first women’s golf reunion. We had a great turnout for the first year and had about 30 former players come. We played some golf on Friday and played a fun scramble, everyone was paired up with former teammates and a current player or coach. It became really competative and I have to admit, my team got beat by Lucy’s group by 1 shot. It was a tough loss and I think we will have to have a rematch very soon! On Saturday we had a tailgate for the football game vs. Florida. We had a great time and I think everyone enjoyed hanging out and then we played some cornhole of course. And just so you all know, Ashlee Rose and I are undefeated as a team in cornhole!

The reunion was a great success and I was very happy with the amount of players that came back. We are really excited about the future of this program and I think it is very important for the younger generation to be able to interact and hear about the programs of the past and at the same time for the alumni to see where the program is going and to be a part of that. 

Here is a picture of the whole group that played golf!

Thanks for keeping up with the Wildcats!!



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