Thanksgiving and Off season

Despite the name, it has been a busy offseason, both on and off the course. The girls are getting caught up (and hopefully ahead) on school work and are starting to prepare for finals, while Lucy and I get things set for next semester and beyond.

During this time, we are limited in the amount of hours we can require of the team. During the season we get 20 hours with the team, now we only get 8 and only two of those can be for golf. However, we have been able to pump up the volume in the weight room and I think it is really paying off.  Because we only have them for a short time, we try our best to make it count. But sometimes, we just like to have a little fun. Last week, we had our very own Big Break: UK. We set up different skills challenges (putting, chipping, pitching, and playing) to test the girls. They had a blast with the “drills” and getting back into competition mode. At the end of the day, Liz was our Big Break champion. Hopefully, we will find time to do more of this next semester.

Thanksgiving break was a welcomed vacation. Of course, there was work involved beforehand. Lucy and I traveled to Florida to do a bit of recruiting. We enjoyed the typical Florida weather with some sunshine and some rain showers and the golf was pretty good to!  Tuesday night, we boarded a plane to different locations: Lucy to Oklahoma City and me to Lexington.  Lucy then traveled a little further north to Cameron, MO. She described as being in the middle of nowhere, in the trees, with no cell service, surrounded by family. Don’t worry; she had a blast catching up with everyone! I, on the other hand, returned to Lexington then caught a flight to State College, PA, to be with Steve and his family. You would not believe the amount of pies (14) his grandmother made! She of course had pumpkin pie, lemon meringue and something called lemon verbena. It was all so good! On Friday, we drove to Gettysburg and toured the battlefields. Steve and I are both very interested in history and we had been wanting to make the trip for a while. It was great! We went on a two hour tour and learned a great deal of new things, it was very intriguing to say the least. We ended the evening at his grandmothers house for some meatloaf, don’t you just love being home!!??

But now, we are back in Lexington, getting ready for the UNC basketball game on Saturday. It should be a pretty awesome game since our men’s basketball team is now ranked nr. 1 in the nation!! Our Christmas break is around the corner and New Year’s Eve will be here before we know it. Time flies when you’re having fun!

I hope you all have a great rest of the week and GO BIG BLUE!!


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San Antonio Wrap Up

Hi Everyone,

It’s about a week ago now that we finished the last round at the Alamo Invitational. We got off to a good start at the tournament and shot +2 as a team the first day, the second day we shot 295 and we finished up with a 298 today. We were all over the leader board during this event and we ended up finishing in 4th. We also had Liz and Ashleigh finish in T8th which was a very good performance. Liz really stepped up her game this week and it was fun to watch! Ashleigh has been solid all fall and I couldn’t be happier for her for adding another top 10 to her college career.

One of the nights we had parent night and we went to a local Mexican restaurant. The food was great and we had some really good laughs at the end of the night. During this whole trip we have been trying to find frozen yogurt since the team craves it all the time. However, apparently San Antonio hasn’t jumped on that band wagon yet because we couldn’t find a good place at all. We actually ended up eating custard one night which was great because Ashleigh had never had it before! It also didn’t help that our UK gps was failing us this trip. It kept acting really weird and I think I took a few wrong turns because of it. Through it we found out how big this city was though and thank goodness I only live in a town like Lexington!

Overall I am proud of my team for their performance this week and this entire fall. We achieved all of our goals and then some. It’s amazing to me what happens when you work hard, play with heart and truly believe and see what is possible. We have come such a long way in this year and a half and I can’t wait to see what the next semester and the coming years will bring.

Now it’s time for off season and I think the girls are ready for it; I think we all are! It’s been a long semester and now they can really catch up on some much needed school work. We will also focus a lot more on our weight training which might inlcude some yoga and some spinning classes! 

I’ll write soon and give you guys an update on how it’s going!