SEC/PAC 12 Challenge Week

Hi everyone,

This week we are in Knoxville, TN for the SEC/PAC 12 Challenge. We are really excited to be here and today was our first round. We had our practice round yesterday and it was tough. We had 30 mph wind and it was maybe 50 degrees for a high. Some teams didn’t even play all 18, they just chipped and putted for the back nine. We played all 18 and had a good practice round. Some of the girls were struggling so we practiced some after as we always do.

We felt ready this morning and the girls were itching to play. Playing with us was Oregon, ASU and Auburn. We had a good group and we had fun. However, we struggled as a team today and shot 312. The truth is, we came out and played tense golf today, we struggled to commit to our shots and we played with fear. It’s tough to play your best that way, but we had a good talk after the round and I strongly believe we will do better tomorrow. We need to focus on our game and ourselves instead of everyone else.

As a side note, Ashleigh played really well and she shot -2 which puts her in a tie for fourth place. I am really proud of her and of her performance today. She has been sick leading up to this, but she stayed tough today and played with confidedence! I am excited to see what the rest of this weekend has in store for her.

Another exciting thing was that we got to meet and take a picture with Rosie Jones, the Solheim Cup captain. She was being honored at the banquet tonight and she said some really good things in her speech…hopefully all these players listened to what she had to say! It was pretty neat, however, I think my assistant Lucy was the most excited about meeting her this evening :)

I hope you will all send us positive thoughts tomorrow and keep you fingers crossed for us!



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